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Sofia Clara - Pink Basil Lemonade


We love having homemade drinks in the fridge and the Homemade Iced Tea we made a while back is one of our favourites as well as a simple lemonade. This time I wanted to make something a little more inventive and very refreshing for these warm summer days. I always wondered...

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Sofia Clara - picking flowers1


I reckon Sunday is probably the majority of the world's favourite day. Sundays are the best, don't you think? Ok, ok it's Tuesday today - the day that my friends and I have officially named the worst day of the week. Here's our little theory - you can't complain about Mondays...

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Sofia Clara - easy party banner6


At the end of July, my closest friends and I said goodbye to one of our best friends who was leaving the country. We've know each other since we were little and always used to hang out watching girly movies in our PJs. We may be in our mid-twenties but...

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Sofia Clara - breakfast smoothie2


This is the perfect breakfast drink for all of you out there looking for an alternative to coffee to give you that early morning kick. Almond butter and maca powder are two of my newly discovered smoothie ingredients. Maca root powder is from a tuberous Peruvian vegetable rich in amino acids,...

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elderflower cordial1


David and I absolutely love elderflower cordial (sirop de sureau) and had been wondering whether we could make our own for a while - only to realise that there are elder trees all around us. Elderflower is in full bloom in June so we're a little late on this one...

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salmon and dill scones1


This recipe is one for all the salmon lovers and perfect for lunch or a mid-afternoon snack. You could also make mini scones and serve these at a party. I adapted this recipe from a plain scone recipe that I posted a little while ago which is very easy to...

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